Jacquard Bath Towels - 100% cotton ✓ low weight & extremely high absorbency ✓


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Jacquard Bath Towels - 100% cotton ✓ low weight & extremely high absorbency ✓


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Bath Towel/Shower Towel
Bath Towel/Shower Towel
€39.00 *
Bath & Face Towels Set 2 x 2
Bath & Face Towels Set 2 x 2
€98.00 * €107.80 *
Bath Towels Set of 4 colours
Bath Towels Set of 4 colours
€139.00 * €156.00 *

Shower and bath towels to fall in love with.

When do you use a bath towel?


Bath towel, shower towel, beach towel, hammam towel, sauna towel, beach sheet - there are many different words for large towels. At Tinkalu, you don't have to choose. Shower and bath towels in the size of 90x180cm are wonderful all-round talents thanks to their lightweight quality:

Dry your body after the shower with the cosy bath towel and then wrap it around like a sarong. 

The shower towels are easy to fold and transport and are the perfect travel companions at the spa, on the beach and by the pool. They are large enough to comfortably lie upon. Are you an enthusiastic sauna-goer and looking for a beautiful sauna towel? Our quick-drying towels are especially recommended for that.


What are the advantages of the shower towels?


generous size of 180 x 90cm

5 beautiful colours: pearl beige, taupe, charcoal, mint green and white

towels and guest towels are available in the same design

matching bath mats in 3 sizes 

made exclusively for Tinkalu


Decorate with towels


There is certainly something for you in our wide range of colours. The subtle jacquard pattern brings simple elegance to your bathroom. Tinkalu shower towels, hand towels and guest towels are made only for our customers. They are soft, cosy and particularly absorbent. They dry quickly on a towel rail and also serve as decoration in the bathroom. Set accents with cool colours and choose rugs and towels to match. At Tinkalu, you can get towels and bath mats in the same design. Place a trendy towel rail next to your bathtub or hang your towels in matching colours on a towel ladder. This way, the towels double as stylish decoration. The overall impression is particularly beautiful when towels and bath mats match in colour.


See our attractive towel sets as well.


Is cotton suitable for towels?


How soft and absorbent a towel is depends above all on its material. The classic material is cotton. It is skin-friendly, easy to care for, soft and suitable for tumble drying.


How do I wash my towels properly?


A few care tips on how to keep your towels soft and absorbent for as long as possible:

Always follow the care label and recommended instructions.

Sort your towels by colour to avoid discolouration.

For hygienic reasons, you should always wash your towels at least at 40 degrees.

Avoid fabric softener - it reduces the absorbency of your towels.

Drying in the tumbler makes towels especially cosy and absorbent, but even air-dried towels become nice and soft again by kneading.


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