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Serving Plate/Gratin Dish large
Serving Plate/Gratin Dish large
Available colours:
Large dropshaped serving dish is also great for gratins, as fruit or salad bowl, available in beige, grey and charcoal, 38cm x 30cm, 5cm. Handmade in organic form with a matt exterior and glazed interior, high quality: light, thin and...
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Dipping Set of 6 pieces
Dipping Set of 6 pieces
1 Serving Plate/Gratin Dish in charcoal, 1 Latte & Tea Mug rose, 1 Latte & Tea Mug pastel blue, 1 Coffee Mug charcoal, 1 Dessert/Yogurt Bowl mint, 1 Dipping Bowl pastel blue. All parts can be used individually, the serving dish is, e.g....
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Porcelain casserole dish

What is a serving dish and gratin dish?


Our porcelain serving dish is a large platter with a high rim. It can therefore be used as a serving dish as well as in the oven to roast and gratinate vegetables, fish or meat.


What do I use a serving dish for?


You arrange fresh salads decoratively on the serving platter because although it has a high rim, the shape is not as round-bellied as a salad bowl. This makes the individual ingredients look better and you can still easily mix your salad before it is served. Cold snacks and charcuterie boards also look extra stylish on our serving plates. The elegant table cannot do without a serving dish.


Serving plate as a casserole dish - versatile use


Serve gratins in style? If you like to prepare classic gratins, you need an ovenproof casserole dish. What could be better than the gratin dish matching the tableware so perfectly? Ovenproof dishes are indispensable kitchen tools and the best thing about them is that they can be taken straight from the oven to the table. With a tasty gratin dish, this is even more fun. Since your serving plate/gratin dish matches the tableware, the result is a beautiful table setting.


Serving platter as dip set, snack set and nacho set


We love to use our serving platter also in the way of a tray. Effortless fill some cups with fruits and serve them with yoghurt to your guests. Check out the beautiful dip set we've put together with different cups and bowls for vegetable sticks and dips. Or why not just put a dessert/yoghurt bowl with salsa on a serving plate alongside nachos? Not only does it look stylish, but it's also great to offer to your guests. Give it a try!


Serving platter made of porcelain?


Our serving plates get their shiny surface thanks to a thin glaze coating. The high firing temperature ensures that the plates are resistant and ovenproof. They are particularly easy to clean in the dishwasher, just soak them briefly in warm water. 


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