Espresso Mugs in 2 Sizes

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Espresso Mugs in 2 Sizes

Beliebtesten Becher » Espressobecher | Espresso Doppio Becher

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Espresso Cup small 60ml
Espresso Cup small 60ml
Available colours:
Cup with no handles for a single espresso, available in beige, rose, grey, charcoal, mint and pastel blue, ø 5cm x 4,5cm, 60ml, very cute as a little tealight. It looks soft and fragile but is very strong and resistant, handmade cool...
€9.99 *
Espresso Cup 100ml
Espresso Cup 100ml
Available colours:
For double and longer espresso, espresso macchiato and single desserts, available in beige, rose, mint, grey, charcoal and pastel blue, ø 6cm x 5,5cm, 100ml. Handmade in organic form with matt exterior and glazed interior, high quality:...
€13.99 *

Espresso Cups for stylish coffee enjoyment

When do I use the espresso mug?


More and more people prefer to drink espresso from a mug rather than a cup. Enjoying espresso has become part of everyday life for quite some time now. This makes it all the more important to have beautiful, practical and individual espresso mugs that perfect the enjoyment of your coffee.


What is so special about the espresso mugs from Tinkalu?


Our minimalist mugs have no handles and are a pleasure to touch and hold in your hands. In principle, all our mugs have a similar shape, but the espresso mugs are somewhat narrower and higher so that the coffee can unfold its full flavour. Our espresso mugs do not differ from the corresponding espresso cups in their filling capacity and size.


They are also available with matching, colour-coordinated saucers.


What is the right size of espresso mug?

Straight, non-arched espresso mugs and cups are particularly popular at the moment. Our espresso mugs are available in 2 sizes: with 100ml and with 60ml content. For the regular espresso, the double espresso and the espresso macchiato, it is best to use the cup with 100ml. 


What is the right material for the espresso mug?


Espresso mugs made of porcelain are particularly popular. They are pleasantly light and particularly easy to clean. More and more people are now serving their favourite drink in an espresso mug. Our espresso mugs have exactly the same shape as our espresso cups, only without the handle. Make a stylish, modern statement with espresso mugs instead of cups! Our porcelain espresso mugs are dishwasher safe, durable, high quality and acid resistant.


Serve espresso in style and combine espresso mugs


Our espresso mugs are available in two sizes and six different colours. Models in beige, grey and charcoal are classics, while mugs in mint, rose and pastel blue are sure to catch everyone's eye. Combine different coloured design mugs with colourful saucers to create new sets again and again.


Preheat the espresso mug?

Espresso tastes best when it is hot. It is therefore usual to preheat the espresso mug so that the espresso does not cool down. Stack your mugs decoratively on top of the coffee machine, then they are already preheated and always at hand.




Household hack: How to make the perfect espresso


In an espresso mug, you enjoy your coffee in a highly concentrated form: Unlike filter coffee, espresso coffee contains less caffeine, but in the brewed mug the caffeine concentration is higher because it contains less water. The highly concentrated pleasure is enhanced by our special espresso mug, which contributes to perfect coffee enjoyment.

Tip: If you drink your espresso with sugar, add it to the mug before the espresso. It will dissolve more quickly and the little black coffee will not lose its temperature as quickly.


What is the difference between espresso and mocha mugs?

Espresso beans are usually roasted longer and are therefore less acidic. Mocha is infused and boiled without pressure, and spices are often added. 


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