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Beliebteste Becher in dieser Größe  » Kaffee Becher | Tee Becher | Cappuccinobecher

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Coffee Mug 200 ml
Coffee Mug 200 ml
Available colours:
For coffee, tea and single desserts, available in beige, rose, grey, charcoal, mint and pastel blue, ø 8,5cm x 6,5cm, 200ml. Handmade in organic form with matt exterior and glazed interior, high quality: light, thin and very resistant,...
€15.99 *
Dipping Set of 6 pieces
Dipping Set of 6 pieces
1 Serving Plate / Gratin Dish in charcoal, 1 Latte & Tea Mug rose, 1 Latte & Tea Mug pastel blue, 1 Coffee Mug charcoal, 1 Dessert / Joghurt Bowl mint, 1 Dipping Bowl pastel blue. All parts can be used individually, the serving dish is,...
€159.00 * €193.86 *

Stylish indulgence and a sensory experience

When do I use the coffee mug?


In the morning, you sit in your kitchen with a mug of coffee and the aroma of the freshly brewed beverage awakens your spirits and perks you up for the day. To make your coffee taste good, you need more than just a good coffee machine and the best beans. You will love drinking it from your coffee mug from Tinkalu. The matt, velvety outside has a soft feel and flatters your sense of touch.


What are the advantages of a coffee mug?


You can hold a coffee mug with both hands - ideal for sensual enjoyment with a stylish touch.

The coffee and tea mugs are available at Tinkalu in 6 modern colours and with matching saucers in round or drop-shaped designs. You can choose according to your interior design style and preferences. Your new favourite mugs are ready for any use!


Which mug is suitable for which drink?


For a caffeine kick in the morning, the coffee and tea mug is ideal. If it's a latte macchiato you're after, our latte mug is the better choice, and for a strong espresso to wake you up or after a meal, we have espresso mugs in our range.


Saucers and spoons


For dessert at an elegant dinner, you can serve your coffee or tea in a mug with a matching saucer. This is more than just decoration. It offers space for the spoon and a biscuit or small sweet you would like to serve.

For a unified look, you can go for single-colour sets or mix and match our 6 different colours to create a harmonious look. We also have short and long spoons available that look beautiful with the mugs and saucers.


Mugs as dip bowls


The coffee and tea mugs are particularly well suited as dip bowls. Serve cucumber sticks and finely chopped carrots or other vegetable sticks in the coffee mugs for an aperitif or as a snack between meals. We have already put together an attractive dip set for you, you can find it in our shop.


Is porcelain sensitive?


Because of the high temperatures at which it is fired, porcelain is particularly durable and yet thin and light. Of course, Tinkalu coffee and tea mugs can be cleaned in the dishwasher and even used in the oven for baking.


What style do the coffee and tea mugs go with?


Our coffee mugs fit perfectly into all interior design concepts and complete every style of living, from classically elegant to minimalist modern. The 6 cool colours and the matt exterior contribute to the casual look and add a fresh twist to your home.


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