Face Towels - 100% cotton ✓ low weight & extremely high absorbency ✓


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Face Towels - 100% cotton ✓ low weight & extremely high absorbency ✓


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Face Towel
Face Towel
€14.90 *
Bath & Face Towels Set 2 x 2
Bath & Face Towels Set 2 x 2
€98.00 * €107.80 *

The perfect towel

When do you use a hand towel?


The towels with the convenient size of 50 x 100cm are real all-round talents thanks to their light quality:

For drying your hands, they are wonderfully soft and absorbent. After washing your hair, you can wrap the towels around your head and use them like a turban while you get ready in the bathroom. Because of the soft, thin quality, the towel dries your hair a little and keeps your head warm at the same time.


What are the advantages of Jacquard towels?


available in light powder beige, brownish grey, dark charcoal, light green and bright white

bath towels and guest towels are available in the same design

matching bath mats in three sizes complete the range

manufactured exclusively for Tinkalu.com


The jacquard towels are easy to fold, space-saving to store and light to carry. They are the perfect travel companions for your next trip to the gym, the spa and the beach.


How do I decorate my bathroom?


Our wide range of colours is certainly to your liking. The subtle jacquard pattern is available in 5 beautiful colours: white, beige, grey, charcoal and mint. As you set accents with colours, you should choose rugs and towels to match. We make it easy for you, because at Tinkalu all towels are colour-coordinated with the bath mats.

Also take a look at our towel sets, where the towels perfectly match in colour.


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