Napkins in soft, stonewashed linen

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Linen Napkins Set of 4
Linen Napkins Set of 4
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Tableware Set with Table Linen
Tableware Set with Table Linen
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Stone-washed linen napkins

Why do we use a cloth napkin?

Beautiful napkins have been used since the 16th century as a stain protection for clothing and as a mouth cloth. Fabric napkins are still a reliable sign of your personality and style. For a quick snack in between, it can be a paper napkin, but even the snack would be upgraded by a cloth napkin. When friends are visiting or you have dinner invitations, our beautiful linen napkins show that no effort is too big for you. And the care is effortless: wash, dry, fold, because even when not ironed, the natural linen napkins look cool and modern. Napkins also offer practical, functional and stylish advantages when dining with the family.


Decorating with napkins


Today, napkins also increasingly fulfill decorating purposes. The extra soft napkins add the natural look of 100% linen to your dining table. The soft stone-washed effect creates a relaxed and cool style. Easy for every day or elegant for your guests. Measuring 50 x 50cm, the napkins are effortless to fold or arrange with our napkin rings.

The beautiful colours and the pure linen of the Tinkalu napkins show elegance and luxury and are suitable for the classic interior style as well as for the modern, trendy and cosy.


In which colours are the linen napkins available?


The classic beige taupe and the elegant dark grey charcoal give your table a timeless look, whereas the fresh rose instantly creates a cheerful mood. Thanks to the stone-washed method, the 100% pure linen napkins have a soft, pleasant feel. Measuring 50x50 cm, they fold effortlessly.


Fold the napkins or place them on the table with napkin rings?


Would you like to fold the napkins artfully or would you prefer to present them with a napkin ring? Our napkin rings are just the right size and invite you to combine them with their trendy colours. If you prefer to fold the napkins, we advise you to iron them beforehand, as this makes them a little firmer and straighter to the touch.


Is linen the best material for napkins?


These beautiful 100% linen cloth napkins are machine washable and effortless to use without ironing. They are suitable for classic invitations and for folding when ironed or even slightly starched.

Matching our napkins there are beautiful, large placemats made of thick soft cotton on sale at Tinkalu.


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