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Floor Mat 70 x 140cm
Floor Mat 70 x 140cm
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Floor Mat 60 x 100cm
Floor Mat 60 x 100cm
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Floor Mat 40 x 70cm
Floor Mat 40 x 70cm
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Bath rug and bath mat as a highlight in the bathroom

When to use bath mats?

Walk on air: pay special attention to your feet, they are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Soft bath rugs and bath mats made from thick cotton are particularly kind to your feet and should not be missing from any bathroom. Whether they are used to dry off in front of the bath or shower, or by the sink, they make the start of the day more pleasant.

How do I decorate with bath mats?

Gone are the days when bath mats and rugs were just practical and useful. Beautiful bath mats and rugs combine style and function to create a warm, homely atmosphere. A large rug in the bathroom or a small bath mat in the guest toilet can set the mood. Smooth, cool bathroom floors feel instantly better with a soft bath mat. The fringes add a cool look to our bathroom rugs, which can be casual or modern, depending on the style of the interior.

What colours and sizes are available?

There is a bath mat for every style. They come in 3 sizes and 5 different colours: powder beige, taupe, charcoal grey, mint green or pure white. For an even more harmonious look, match your towels to the colour of the bath mat. All Tinkalu bathroom textiles are available in the same colours. The Asian-inspired rugs look particularly beautiful when combined with decorative objects such as Buddha statues or palm trees.  Your bathroom will be a temple of relaxation. If your bathroom is spacious, you can opt for one large rug; for smaller or angular bathrooms with a shower, several smaller rugs are more suitable.

Are cotton rugs convenient?

Thick 100% cotton bath mats are a must for any wet room. Not only are our mats pleasantly soft, they are also highly tear and wear resistant. They are easy to machine wash and tumble dry for extra soft results. Cotton is very kind to the skin and is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Bathroom ideas

Use these tips to find the right shower mat for your style: If you want to give your bathroom a country look, mats in natural-looking colours are perfect. Powder, mint or taupe are good colours for your bath mat. A large rug makes the bathroom feel extra cosy. If you want to give your bathroom a more modern look, go for clean lines and muted colours. Our taupe, charcoal and white rugs with a woven jacquard pattern go well with this. A classic bathroom is often designed in white. Accessories in bold colours that create exciting accents or an all-white look go well with this. So choose bath mats in bold charcoal or mint, or plain white.

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