Guest Towels - 100% cotton ✓ low weight & extremely high absorbency ✓

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Guest Towels Set of 6
Guest Towels Set of 6
€19.90 *
Guest Towels Set 2 x 6
Guest Towels Set 2 x 6
€34.90 * €39.80 *

Guest towels for use as decoration and pairing

What are guest towels used for?


The space-saving 20 x 40 cm guest towel is ideal for guest toilets. It is the perfect towel size because each guest towel is only used once. You will save space in the guest toilet and you will save energy during the washing process.


What are the benefits of the Guest Towels?


Guest Towels are made from 100% cotton, which makes them gentle on the skin, easy to clean and suitable for tumble drying. They come in handy sets of 6 and look great rolled up in a basket in the guest toilet. In addition to their stylish design, our guest towels are highly absorbent and quick-drying.


What are the colours of the guest towels?


The beautiful colour range of powder beige, taupe, charcoal,  mint and white invites you to create many different combinations. The subtle jacquard pattern looks great on the small guest towels. White is the most popular colour, but there are so many other beautiful colours you can use to create an eye-catching look in your guest bathroom.

How can I decorate with guest towels?


Beautiful guest towels are the calling card of your guest bathroom. Decorated in a nice way, the towels will immediately make it feel homely. Place a basket of towels by the guest wash basin and a slightly larger basket for the used towels. At all bathroom textiles are coordinated and can be combined in one or more colours. Decide freely according to your taste. Tinkalu also offers matching mats for the towels.


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